Grand Blue #08 — Gay Panic

August 31st, 2018


These writers have some severe problems they need to work out.


I think I may just cut and run on this show now before it finds even further depths to plumb. The biggest problem remains that most of it is still just rehashing the same three to four jokes over and over again. On the other hand, when it tries to branch out into different things, it ends up with five minutes of "Your ordered a screwdriver, so here's a screwdriver." Did you know that many alcoholic drinks have names based on other things? Fantastic! Here's a list of them. It then followed it up with the joke that a bartender thought Iori was gay and had a panic attack over being raped by him.

The second half was back to the now traditional "everyone who has a girlfriend is scum whose life we need to ruin" that it decided to incorporate into its lexicon over the last month. The attempted twist on the formula is that they picked a random dude that one of them knew and set out on a mission to destroy his relationship. That's the whole 'humorous' situation. They found out he had a girlfriend, ergo they had to destroy a stranger's relationship. It's not that they saw him cheating on her, or being an ass, or anything like that (although there was a single line after the fact that was slightly jerky), just pure, petty jackassery straight from the incel manifesto.

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