Grand Blue #07 — Virtua Tennis

August 24th, 2018


Okay. I think I've had enough sports shows for the next year now.


I think what's really digging in the knife lately for me with this series is the ED; a permanent reminder at the end of how much more amusing things would be if it just took a generally good natured approach to things and ran with a small bit of weirdness instead of constantly screaming the same two or three things and everyone being absolute blithering imbeciles. It might be stomachable if it was in service of something, but even Milky Holmes made more sense than anything that went on in the show this week, which makes it even harder to get invested enough in these characters to be able to laugh at them. It lost me from the start at "losing in tennis to tennis players would be DREADFULLY HUMILIATING," then it tried to say that filming that was a bridge too far. This wasn't a joke. This was supposed to be the driving element for making the jokes. Which ended up being the same ones as always.

Anyway, the first third was especially tiresome in that regard, having basically the one joke and then a bunch of tortured attempts to explain itself into extra punchlines. That group annoys me at their best. There's so much room for jokes about actual relationships, and they're something especially almost totally untouched in anime, so entering about the fiftieth minute of screaming "RARR HATE YOU FOR BEING NEAR A GIRL" in this show alone, let alone the other ten thousand other iterations of this same thing… irritating only starts to cover them. As near as I can tell, the whole tennis thing was just an excuse to blithely yell "nice buddy," the joke being that "buddy" sounds like "body." They then followed this up by the even more hilarious joke of yelling "nice body" complete with tortured explanation. Very little else had much to do with tennis and more with the now standard repetition of past jokes in a slightly different setting.  

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