Grand Blue #06 — Sign Language

August 17th, 2018


That whole attempt at cheating is hilarious was another wide miss.

I'm going to be busy tomorrow morning. I might be able to get to Yuuna before I have to be out for a couple hours, but I can all but guarantee I have to leave before Cells shows up. It should only be a few hours delay before I get to them though.


At least we seem done rehashing the makeup arc, or whatever you want to call it. Then again, it spent the first five minutes doing a different flavor of "look at what dishonest asses they are." But since they're screaming a bunch, it's a joke. A five minute, excessively loud joke. This would then be followed up by a five minute recap of every character's gimmick, except with makeup girl providing the screaming about people being naked instead of Iori. Well, nearly. They've totally jettisoned Whose-His-Face's gimmick of being into anime and he's just a clone of Iori now.

The second half was its apparently monthly half-assed overture that it's about diving, which means the usual three to four minute out-of-nowhere bit where the music gets all dramatic and he's overcome with wonder. Had this been the culmination of some kind of even tiny arc or development for somebody, it might've carried some weight, but Chisa spent the episode just doing her usual bitchy things, and Iori spent the episode doing his jackass yelling, so it's more like a tumor that provides a little blessed numbness. The other part was half lesson on hand signals, half excuse to go through the same set of jokes, but with a marginally greater focus on the obsessed sister after about a month on the sideline.

Next Episode:

And now it's tennis.

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  • anise_punter says:

    If I was teaching german there are about 40 styles of facial hair I’d probably pick before the “small jet black mustache only” I dunno