Grand Blue #04 — Be An Ass

August 4th, 2018


This episode was… unpleasant.

I didn't mean to skip this yesterday, I just hit two shows and my mind went "Welp, done for the day." 


Although had I known what an uncomfortable mess this episode was going to be, I might've skipped it intentionally. I guess that it's mainly supposed to be about the introduction of a new character. They spend a while outright laughing at and humiliating her, then turns around and humiliates the people who humiliated her offscreen, ergo justice is somehow served. Also, let's humiliate Chisa for monetary game. 

I'm not sure what the lesson there is supposed to be. It's okay to be an ass as long as you're an ass to everybody? While certainly a rallying cry for certain parts of the internet, it's not something I'd throw in with. I know what the writers thought  the lesson was, because that's explicitly explained to the camera. The two whole scenes they spent interacting with that girl? That was a bridge too far for Chisa. Even though she's an unrelenting ass herself, and Newbie was making an effort to hang out with them, this was supposed to be all about Chisa for doing the one nice thing, half-assed at that. Also seems like a moral lesson that would come from certain unsavory parts of the internet.

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  • anise_punter says:

    This strikes me as an entirely plausible sequence of events and not just in a “plausible for people who hang out on reddit” sort of way.

    I do not understand how Kana Asumi keeps getting work with that voice, but Rie Kugimiya was more irritating and it took like a decade plus to finally just confine her to mascot characters.