Cells at Work #06 — Natural Born Idiot

August 11th, 2018


How are they struggling with the very concept of a 21 minute episode?


This episode very much strikes me as the writers and directors simply not giving a crap. The flashback origin story revealing shocking that literally nothing has ever changed ever eats up about two thirds of the episode, and then they whip up a new character (a natural killer cell) for the last five minutes; just enough time to sort of act like something's starting, only to cut it off partway through the introduction. Did the editors get slightly overzealous and cut out too much of the first part? Or were they too lazy to cut it and the following segments down to ten minutes each to fit them both into the episode?

I really simply do not understand how any writer or director can look at this even at the most basic structural level and just go on ahead with it, especially given how weak the whole first part was. It's 100% the exact same thing as every other red blood cell thing, except she's a kid. 

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