Cells at Work #05 — Mixed Metaphors

August 4th, 2018


So the entire body is destroyed, huh?.


Their slavish devotion to the monster of the week formula was really bizarre. It even starts out by explaining that allergic reactions are excessive overreactions… then spends most of the episode having the allergens stomp around, destroying everything wherever they go, and endlessly swarming everywhere. Again, it seems like the lowest hanging fruit for it to be an overreaction, like the goddamned narrator said, which would work for the humor too, but since the show has things permanently set to Apocalyptic Crisis in all cases, that opportunity for humor or accurate metaphor goes untouched.

Speaking of which, the whole inner body metaphor also broke down completely somewhere along the way as the whole thing turned into a flooded hellscape while they explained that the eyes were tearing up and probably kind of itchy, followed by a steroid nuking everyone and everything. Contrast, guys. And remembering what it is that this is supposed to be representing. Could help.

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One Lonely Comment

  • anise_punter says:

    Despite being pretty much the same as the other four episodes, this one I actually enjoyed.

    It would be nice if somebody let them know they don’t have to be talking for every second of the entire 23 minutes though