Stage Girls #03 — I Have the High Ground

July 26th, 2018


The imagery is pretty subtle.


As much as I desperately want this to be more than it is, it's getting pretty impossible to take the battle stuff as anything other than weird nonsense tacked onto the end of episodes having basically nothing to do with anything else. How much better things would be if there was at least one of them taking things a bit too seriously and actually trying to knife the others in the throat, or even succeeding at it. Why are we even supposed to care if she lost? Also, why was she dropped to last place for losing to the first place person? Your rankings don't make sense, giraffe. 

It's unfortunately steadfast in its insistence that there is nothing more and nothing less on the line than than being "the top star," and everything revolves around that despite them not actually establishing what that's supposed to mean or why it's important. It just is. Because it's a thing. It's almost like a parody of vapid idiots pursuing things based on marketing alone, only I can't for a second believe this is self aware enough for that. And without any real motivation, Karen just continues to do nothing other than stamp her foot and whinge about both her and Whose-Its winning, while the antagonists would have something more to offer than just "Only one star allowed." Have they perhaps considered working on ensemble plays instead? Or perhaps moving to the next town over where it's a telepathic wombat asking people to do water ballet fighting for its entertainment? No?


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