Stage Girls #01 — Obey the Giraffe

July 12th, 2018


…Please don't eat me?


It's easy to find the part where the episode went totally off the rails. It's where the telepathic giraffe appears in the audience to talk about the glory of being on stage. It's also where the animators woke up and actually started to put some genuine effort into the show. It's quite a bit harder to actually understand what the hell is going on as the fight scene is not only super weird, but it's followed by a transformation sequence that is more metalworking than anything, showing how the special buttons of the mantle on her costume is made. This does mean that I may need to revise my thoughts on it from the premise. The whole stage thing isn't really them putting on a play, but actually supposed to be taken relatively seriously… kind of stylized framework for the fights in a similar vein to Utena but with… uh… metalworking and textile transformation sequences instead of lounging on cars? It's hard to explain so I made a clip below for the first time in a while. Yes, it's a quarter of the episode spent doing… whatever the hell it's doing. Like I said, I kind of lost my grip on events about the time a telepathic giraffe stepped in to deliver exposition.

Unfortunately, the preceeding seventeen or so minutes had nothing whatsoever that would indicate we'd be going into bonkersville. If you stopped at fifteen minutes, all you would've seen is Yet Another Goddamned Idol Show with marginally more emphasis on nice music and ballet and less on Girls Trying Their Very Bestest. The closest hint to basically anything at all is that the lead girl has a weird dream, which is what I expected the giraffe thing to be, but apparently not. I suppose that probably wins it at least one more week to explain itself, and preferably do something to prove that this fighting is serious more than winning the prettiest tiara to please Lord Giraffe if it wants to be not-Utena or what-have-you.

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  • jgoi says:

    Oh joy, another “only girls exist here” anime with the typical slow ass lesbian romance that mostly involves hand holding. More fuel for that stupid meme.


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