Sirius the Jaeger #02 — Scarring Children for Life

July 19th, 2018


And rooting around in the tomatoes.


More or less the same as the first episode; about 17 minutes of close to pure padding followed by 3-4 minutes of well animated high octane vampire fighting. Perhaps this episode was a little more cohesive than the first since there was a fair amount of focus on Doctor Fridge and his daughter, and to their credit, they haven't milked the hell out of messily killing him (twice!) right in front of her. Yet. They still spent the whole thing sitting around until the vampires attacked them. There's not much to be drawn into when everyone's just sitting around, fiddling with their violins and poking around in the garden. 

So it has a little bit of a focus on two muggles of the week, but neither of them are (were?) particularly interesting characters though, and it's hard to think what taking in a mewling child around could possibly beneficially do for the show. Or if they're just going to have a little funeral next week and dump her in an orphanage, then the two of them just existed to wring out the melodramas. Pretty sure it's the latter, especially with the new named villain taking over being the protagonist's brother… or just a friend. Who knows half the time with Japanese's wonderful indefinite addresses.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    My main problem with this series is that I’ve seen this story too many times before and there’s nothing unique enough here to make me want to watch it again, not even having it set in pre-WW II Japan. This is just paint-by-number story telling.