Seven Senses of the Re’Union #01 — Sword Art Yawn-line

July 5th, 2018


Maybe the theme of Thursdays is simply shows with identity crises.


The first half is Every Sappy MMO Anime Ever. It takes half the damn episode to get to the non-twist of random death. Just because it takes shows like SAO three times to reach that point, that doesn't mean we're moving fast. At this point, it switches gears into wallowing in wailing children for a while before turning around and going "Wait, sort of not actually dead after all" and the bubblegum pop OP kicks in with everybody smiling, all pastel colors and happy faces all around. Oh, and have I not mentioned the montage set to an accordion? Because there's also that.

Its premise is weak for a hook and the characters are the usual tiresome collection of MMO tropes. The 'action' is all god mode except for when they're spontaneously super extra vulnerable, and everybody had a snake eyes roll for charisma because their personalities run the gamut from angsty doormat to cloying doormat. This is explained because A.) Only special people can play the MMO, and B.) Playing the MMO makes you special, and C.) You get arbitrary special powers for playing the MMO. They watch a news report on it two thirds into the episode, the most organic way to convey information.  


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  • The Phantom says:

    it is absolutely incredible how they shamelessly copied anohana with SAO settings mixed into it to save face.


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