Play and Let’s Play #05-08 — Retrospective

July 15th, 2018


I'm already pretty tired of being screamed at for today.


The really sad part is that they introduced a new character in the first part just to run the same jokes as last week while the scowly glasses one all but totally abandoned that slot. You'd also think that they'd try to get a lot more mileage from the BL Yu-Gi-Oh almost-a-parody thing, but it's like they only came up with three ideas for cards and they were going to get as much goddamned mileage out of those as possible. It wasn't even the focus of that part either. No, the focus was a sappy thing where they all forgave each other and were such friendly friends with the 'joke' being flashbacks to how they were asses to each other last week. It's the second goddamned episode, guys. A little soon for a touching retrospective.

Mostly, it continues to annoy me with the shouting instead of making me laugh. It's a weekend, so I'll probably give it one last glance next week, especially if the other two Sunday shows are awful (spoiler: Island's third episode is entirely fanservice, so that's one for two already), but this is looking like where I get off the train. 

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