Play and Let’s Play #01-04 — Stupid Faces: The Show

July 8th, 2018


Welcome to modern Japanese humor.


Eh, it's what's become quintessential Japanese humor these days; characters constantly overreacting by making excessively stupid faces and having screaming fits. They 'play' four different things, so at least it doesn't dwell on any one for too long, but the formula's the same in every case. The non-foreigner blonde pretends to be ignorant while mentally announcing that she's just pretending, the glasses one scowls, and the screamy one screams. It mixes things up a little bit in the final segment where the game is "sit in a kiddy pool" but that was probably mainly in the name of fanservice.

In that context, I think that the hard rock laser show ED followed up by a Punch and Judy puppet violence orgy were probably the most creative and unexpected parts of the whole shebang. Even if a joke or two here and there might almost work, most of them then get repeated multiple times and are quickly drowned out by either an internal recap of the situation and why it is supposedly humorous, or simply someone screaming, leaving just a nonstop barrage of "please screencap this and make memes out of it" faces. 


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One Lonely Comment

  • anise_punter says:

    screamy needs to tone it the hell down, this would have been alright if they didn’t go totally overboard on her overreactions, and I was coming in expecting just total dreck.