Phantom in the Twilight #03 — Dire Wolves

July 23rd, 2018


Extremely dire.


The future's looking grim for this one too, not that the past was anything better than occasionally mediocere. Anyway, like the other show about 'monsters' that are actually clowns wearing too much makeup, this continues to move at an absolutely glacial pace. Ostensibly, there's a focus on the werewolf and his werewolf brother antagonist (because of course), but there's nothing to any of it at all. They spend a long time reiterating how the friendship ancestor they all worship was all about friendship, and then explaining how the antagonists who hate friendship are against friendship, and then some more jawing about how werewolf A is for friendship, but werewolf B is against friendship.

We're supposed to feel intrigued by how they're withholding the 'good' part of the story, I'm sure, but they're not even delivering an amuse-bouche to whet the appetite. It's just two dudes yelling about how the other doesn't understand how he feels. You're both idiots. You both should be bonked with a shield, which coincidentally, was Ton's only contribution to the episode. Way to be a protagonist. Appreciated the part where they yelled "You run off and find your friend while we fight the monsters." Then, literally before she did a damn thing, the fight was already over and they were there to stare gormlessly like she spent the rest of the episode doing.

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