Phantom in the Twilight #02 — Ghost in the Machine

July 16th, 2018


So it can turn on machines that are off, but can't turn on machines that have been turned off?


And then there's this, trucking along, being merely unremarkably dull. Once again, imagine how much more palatable this would be if the female lead wasn't a massive imbecile? For one, this episode would've been about ten minutes shorter as it wouldn't have needed people explaining things to her… immediately followed up by re-explaining them. You see, monsters exist. Also, by the way, the shadows lurking in the knight, those are monster, because… wait for it… monsters existAnother high point of repetition was them seeing she was running off to save her friend, so they went through this big thing where after that, they all explained to each other that if she saw her friend was in danger, she would go run off to save her friend. How stupid do you think your audience is? Don't answer that. I fear I already know the answer.


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