Phantom in the Twilight #01 — World’s Stupidest Vampire

July 9th, 2018


How have these idiots not been killed yet?


And here's a complete version of a totally generic introduction episode to a supernatural show. More effort spent on getting through to the general premise, less on sitting down and having multiple infodumps. No, those were worked directly into the dialogue. The werewolf got an especially raw end of the stick, having to constantly announce how wolfy he is as well as how vampirey the vampire is. Subtle, it's not. Then again, the vampire's only salient trait is that he kept accidentally blurting out that he was over a hundred years old. The female lead whom it all centers on is not much better. Great that she's a go-getter who immediately runs into danger, not so much that they can't seem to decide whether or not she's a clueless blithering imbecile. She would've been ten times more stomachable had she been shown to be in general control of the situation rather than chasing after paper airplanes, or even better, when she walked straight through a mirror without noticing.

It's also unsurprisingly far more concerned with the typical pretty boy harem than in being an action show despite the last quarter ostensibly being a fight against goblins and some manner of wood spirit that no sooner than one yells "No, don't kill it!" than he goes ahead and kills it. The writing, again, less than stellar, with the animation to match. It does end with a Taken cliffhanger and the promo promises nothing but supernatural hunting of whatever, but I have a hard time buying that they'll follow through on that, even if it wasn't production-challenged Liden at the helm.

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