Miss Caretaker of Sunohara #01 — Padding

July 5th, 2018


How on Earth are they going to make months of this?


Probably the most notable part of this show, and the strangest, is how it tries to thread the line between sex crazed nymphomaniac and completely innocent angelic matron. It's not mixing the two of those together as a form of joke, mind you. The writing tosses out things like "Geez! We always walk in on her stripping naked and wrapped around people!" as a way of justifying why she's doing it solely to the little boy of the hour and because he happens to be the only penis-haver in the show, just leaves that hanging in the air. And there's nothing to this but shots of her inflated boobs and rubbing them on the kid. The few jokes are things like him screaming when she hangs her basketballs in front of him, or comments like "She seems normal," as the girl is imagining him dressed like a girl. And even that comes after about fifteen different iterations of "You have a girl's name and look like a girl."

Nor does it help that nobody in the entire cast has any personality at all. The 'male' could, and probably should, be replaced by a vibrator and I don't think you'd even need to change the script. The titular and tit-ular character (couldn't resist that pun, sorry) is from the Belldandy school of placidly smiling like she's higher than a kite as she gleefully strips, boings her boobs, and rubs herself all over the male. The rest exist only to be introduced. And that's the whole thing. They exist to grope or be groped. No greater story. No further development. Nada. 


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jazzzmann says:

    Who is subbing this? In English.


  • abc says:

    reminds me more of some special female “Dragon” and her Master.. Kobajashi was the name of the female MC though..


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