Island #02 — Sounding Board

July 8th, 2018


Maybe it's time someone does something.


I figured I'd see if this was at least going to move forward, but not really, and certainly not developing the characters or story in any way. Backstory, perhaps, because it was once again an episode where the protagonist bumbles from one girl to the next, each one spewing out some chunk of exposition or prophecy onto his hapless face. But story? Driving element? Characters engaging in their surrounding, facing conflcits, overcoming them, growing? Not a trace of that in the slightest. Vibrant characters can still shine in a cliche world, but boring dullards will be tedious to deal with no matter how twisty turny unusual the setting they're dropped into is, and isolated island with reincarnation legend attempted to be played out isn't even that unique.

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