Island #01 — Expository Song

July 1st, 2018


Very subtle, that.


This sets a tone for itself by having its sole named female after a 90 second conversation faceplant onto a crotch. It would then take the traditional tour through the main girls, each getting about a third of the episode to announce their wacky gimmick to the main character. The second is the least obnoxious; she does the least screaming. The third, whose gimmick is "I want to kill you BUT I AM SUCH AN AIRHEAD! AAAAAH!" is the most. The male lead has little more presence than a sack of flour, stoically staring at whatever's going on while allowing the girls to yammer at him without stealing any precious focus. 

What none of them offers up up is any kind of story or something to actually spur the characters into action. Oh, sure, there's practically a constant deluge of characters saying cryptic things that hint at some greater something to the world, but nobody's in any hurry to get around to looking into it. Not when there's long walks on the beach to take so they can sing and cry at each other. It's all bait with no hook. Tease that never comes to a head. Where does the story go from here? Probably pick one of the forty random things they spat out and start explaining it. Which one? Who knows. Unless, of course, they spend another few weeks randomly bumbling around, cryptically mumbling.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    By no means Nagasarete Airantou was the best anime ever, but damn compared top this it was godly, at least it got me laughing my ass off from the first episode, not this. So far it is decent I guess however I am getting ready for the lame plot twist which is surely going to be meh.


  • Fluffums says:

    My bet’s on “spending another few weeks bumbling about”.


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