Hi Score Girl #01 — Twitch Chat Narrated

July 13th, 2018


I was ready to bail after about five minutes.


Have you ever hoped that someone would take the impotent rantings of a gamer on the internet and turn them into a show? Well, great news! The only thing that this is missing is racist tirades and your mother being called a whore. The whole thing is a twenty minute internal narration tirade with only the occasional pause so that the female character can hit someone or the narrator can jump in to explain how that thing that the kid just said was a cheap/dick move works. Bitch, I know about blockstun and frame traps. And if you're trying to appeal to fighting game fans, they do too, so why the hell are you explaining it? So they can clap like excited harp seals at it being reviewed?

I don't get what the appeal is supposed to be here. I don't get what the jokes are even supposed to be. It's quite literally the same thing you can get from virtually any popular Twitch stream, again, minus the overt racism. Is it that it shows clips from old Capcom games? You can get that on Twitch too, you know. And they're just using it here because the production budget is the change they found in the couch and some lengths of string. 

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