HaruKana Recieve #02 — Cut and Run

July 13th, 2018


And butt.


I figured as the least objectionable sports show I've seen in a while, I owed this at least a second look, but my thoughts haven't changed all that much. If all you want is girls learning the power of friendship and an actual focus on volleyball, you'll probably mostly enjoy this. I say mostly because despite the dead mom thing last week, it turns out that the whole reason behind Player 2's insecurity is that she had one bad point in a game and it scarred her for life. You'd think there'd at least be a montage of her getting her ass handed to her over and over again by a variety of people, but no. Apparently the very first time she lost because she had a bad day, that was it. Trauma for life if not for the power of friendship. But not that friendship, only this friendship.

Mostly though, it was still just Player 1 bouncing around cheerfully going on about friendship, volleyball, and her butt, and I'm probably on board with a show based on only one of those things. Probably.

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One Lonely Comment

  • anise_punter says:

    I understand that these must be as by the book as humanly possible but I really would have started off with Cute Eccentric Blonde and worked my way backwards to Tanned Funkiller McGee.

    or just not included Stop Having Fun Girl entirely, who is watching this genre for conflict in the first place?