Happy Sugar Life #01 — Unbalanced Duality

July 13th, 2018


Christian Bale discussing Hip to Be Square is far creepier than random piffle about love.


There's rife ground to hoe with any kind of secret life show, but the key is understanding which of the secret lives is more interesting. Is it the saccharine fluffy nonsense, or the obsessive serial killer? Gee, let's think about it. There's also the problem of being utterly ridiculous. They don't want Pink to come off as too unlikeable, so she has to be matched up against a cackling lunatic, ranting and raving about how being the manager of a neighborhood restaurant makes her equivalent to an omnipotent god. Also, she's a rapist. Whew. Good thing they didn't include cannibalism and avowed Nazi. What magnificient restraint on their part. Supposedly, from what I read of the source, it's only going to get worse in that regard.

That said, I think this episode would've definitely worked better had they not started out by showing that Pink is unhinged, both with the hook and the OP sequence. You could at least make the case that the dark turn at the end is a twist instead of something it had been completely ignoring for the majority of the episode, probably hoping that the audience forgot about it. Even then, it would've been far more compelling if Pink had gone off the deep end on her own from a threat to her status quo rather than trying to compare her favorably against a ridiculous babbling psychopath. It's hard to take the drama seriously when the characters are just plain silly, and if the dramatic elements are fumbling here, what else has it got?  

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Fed says:

    The blond guy is pedophile


  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    I feel like they also would be better served if they avoided the “I’m in love with a 9 year old” thing, and falsely built it as a more sisterly love. That also kind of gives up the twist.

    The one show where it would make sense for characters to babble about Onee-chan, and they totally blow it.


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