Grand Blue #03 — Breathing Exercises

July 27th, 2018


They know alcohol has a very strong smell, right?


Just as weirdly discordant as last week, except that the melodramatic joy of scuba bit came in the first half instead of the second, and trailed off of what is apparently meant to be a teaser for next week's episode. An especially obnoxious one at that. How much less painful it would be if they just ran with things instead of spending the whole thing screaming over and over about them.

The second half was also primarily concerned with the introduction of another female, although hell if I really know what they're doing with her. The main thing, besides hair color, that differentiates her from the other one that takes the antics in stride is that she flirts with the guys instead of Chisa, so she's not bringing much new to the show and even less to the already pretty tortured screams still trying to pass as jokes. 

Next Episode:

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