Genius Dolls #02 — Broken English

July 16th, 2018


Drink every time it yells "dark magic".


I suppose this give a definitive answer as to whether this is going to try to be more of a thriller or a wacky action show. The insect demon dressed like Willy Wonka ranting in broken English doesn't leave a lot of room for doubt, nor does the goofy transformation sequence. The pacing and the budget are both still utter crap though, especially the budget. Did we decide to skip out on using a still for the sword rain thing but then couldn't finish the animation in time? What the hell happened there?

Even regardless of all that, it's still moving at a snail's pace. The last two episodes had barely enough content for your standard supernatural fighting introductory episode stretched way the hell out. The supposedly lead heroine took the entire second half of the episode off to apparently stare, which is more or less what she did in the first half as well, and the monster's Engrish ranting to attack ratio was at about 78:1. At best, it's a really low end supernatural action show. And it's barely living up to even that.


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One Lonely Comment

  • DP says:

    The sad thing about the show is that if it had dropped the goofy exorcist squad and the goofier villain and been done as a drama, the basic concept is pretty solid.

    For a moment I actually thought it might go somewhere interesting with the heroine reasonably trusting her friend over strangers and actually taking one of the dolls inside her and experiencing the temptation from within. Ah well.