Genius Dolls #01 — Frame Skipping

July 9th, 2018


Maybe this is why they abuse CGI so much for dancing.


A rather unremarkable plod through a very generic half introduction to every supernatural show ever. Granted, I was expecting to be more of a horror bend, with the usual grotesque faces and evil puppets sitting around, but swapping it out for doing random splits and teenagers getting into screaming matches with housewife flash mobs is hard to call an improvement. Over twenty minutes, it made it only as far as seeing the 'monsters' once and then went off to have dinner and an info dump about them, so we're not going to be winning any awards for getting to the goddamned point either.

Perhaps this one ballerina spat is supposed to be the entire meat of the show, in which case, at least they're not spending any time or effort into animating the dancing. Or much of anything else for that matter. Despite spending the whole damn episode in her head, the only thing we learn about the main character is that she's profoundly dull with the usual generic "I want to work hard and friendship is just the bestest." They could've at least stuck a knife in someone's back, metaphorically or otherwise. That would've at least elucidated whether or not we're supposed to be seeing the other one as a victim or antagonist. Maybe that's supposed to be the hook to keep people watching. I'm not sure what else could possibly be. 

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