Dropkick on my Dolls #03 — The Going-Nowhere Gang

July 23rd, 2018


Okay, we can re-retire this 'format' now.


I think I'm done with both of these shows too. The wacky doll monster thing seems like it could've been okay had it not had a budget of -$0.28 and been moving at the speed of molasses. What happens in week 3? Turns out that BBQing the room torched the victim friend, so she sells herself further to go full wacky vampire. That should've been how the first episode ended. It barely needed to be a little thirty second hook to move forward, but here we are, nearly a month into the show, and just that is what consumes the entire goddamned week. Even if it did have a budget, this kind of pacing is inexcusable.

Elsewhere, the dropkick show has a bit more money to throw around, but is in no hurry to do anything either. It's in such a mire after two episodes that it just goes ahead and repeats episode 2, merely shuffling around the segments so that the angel one is first instead of second, and the ice devil one is second instead of first. The one where Medusa explains how she's always put upon still comes third. We don't want to shake things up too much after all. Perhaps next week, they'll move the Medusa segment to first and the angel-shambling-around-while-hungry segment to last. What a trip that would be.

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  • The Phantom says:

    I hope Japan do not do a mix like this and release two half assed 15 mins shows in a single time slot.


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