Dropkick on my Devil #01 — Screaming Tantrums

July 9th, 2018


Now I have a headache.


I'm pleasantly surprised, although a little suspicious that the three minute summoning bit in the promo was cut down to about twenty seconds in the actual show. It then proceeded to squander any good will it might have engendered from that and jumping right in to having an entire segment about whiney insecure toddlers throwing screaming tantrums about food for a third of the episode. I can get behind over the top violence as slapstick ala Dokuro, Punie, or even Potemayo, but this reserves it for only a few instances per episode, preferring far more to retreat into the safety and comfort of "girl throws tantrum, other girl explains in internal narration that girl 1 is throwing a tantrum" as its preferred flavor of 'joke.' Other punchlines include things like "You shouted your plan to attack me." Maybe less shouting in general, guys.

It's hard to get past the shouting because there's so goddamned much of it, and not really all that much of anything else, not even the thinnest whisper of a narrative made worse by two out of three segments being "girls in weird costumes eat dinner." I'm not asking for the Illiad here. You can do a lot in even just ten minutes and still fill it with plenty of weird, as Adventure Time, Regular Show, Steven Universe, etc etc have amply shown, but you have to be a little more ambitious than monster girls throwing tantrums at dinner for two goddamned thirds of the episode. 

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  • The Phantom says:

    It genuinely made me laugh a few times, I like the sheer amount of violence this delivers, passable for now.