Chio’s School Road #02 — Love and Lies

July 13th, 2018


That dude's got a real glass jaw.


I think there's a lot of potential for what are apparently going to only be the first part of every episode of this show's segments, but it's not living up to it and I'm finding all the successive parts more obnoxious than funny. Mundane thing happens, it spends a while over-explaining it and spiraling to some inane conclusion, punctuated by shouts, all so it can then do a random other thing and shout about how that was a mistake as well. Maybe it's just all the shouting that makes me cringe drowning out the times it veers close to a humorous situation. Or maybe it's that unlike the opening segments, it's trying to spiral into a 'wacky' situation out of jack squat and yelling. Making faces and yelling can't cover that up.


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