Cells at Work #03 — Zombie Apocalypse

July 21st, 2018


At least, it could've been.


On one hand, they gave White and Red a rest this week to focus on a different character. On the other hand, said character spent 15 minutes crying and screaming. Instead of leaning into the zombie apocalpyse thing, they were bound and determined to wring the absolute most they could out of naive T cells being called naive. Which is very very little. And yet, it just kept going on and on. Was that supposed to be a joke? He keeps crying and yell-crying ha ha ha? 

So it's not exactly a step up, especially when it's just leading to your bog standard pep talk that I've already heard about five times this season about doing your best. They didn't even really play up the naive T cell activating in an amusing way, unless you count the big hair, which is tremendously weak. They could've done all kinds of things with the unique strains of influenza and then the differentiation in return to counter it and subsequentially being useless against other things, but no. He just turned into the same as the others, but with slightly different hair.  


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One Lonely Comment

  • anise_punter says:

    My favorite part of the first two episodes was Kana Hanazawa screaming like an absolute lunatic.

    So definitely take that part out and replace it with anybody else doing that.