Cells at Work #02 — Rip and Scar

July 14th, 2018


Your body is a factory full of slave children.


I feel like this needs to take itself either a lot less seriously, or a lot more. Shots from the outside of all these life shattering crises being little scrapes or itchy scabs seems like such low hanging fruit in the minor joke department, but I guess it doesn't involve anybody screaming, so that's a no go. On the other hand, while it happily stabs and eviscerates the monsters, and merrily talks about how catastrophic to the cell population things are, it's almost comical how it goes out of its way time and time again to prevent anything from happening to any of them. Hell, it even assures us that a literally random White didn't actually die from falling in a hole/cut. You want to be hyperviolent? Let's do it. Give Red something to really be traumatized about and a humorous juxtaposition against your slave schoolchildren.

Either way, this episode was pretty haphazard. I think it was ostensibly about the platelets, but they only showed up at the start and end. Meanwhile, Red all but vanished from the episode at around the halfway point, then popped in again at the end to try to deliver an exceedingly token gratitude speech. Perhaps if we spent less time pausing to cheerfully recite from Biology 101 textbooks, we might've had an opportunity to work either of those things into the episode proper, although if they had more time, they probably would've just made the scar tissue montage even longer and more obnoxious. 


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anise_punter says:

    I’m pretty good at compartmentalizing so any actual weird or off-putting stuff doesn’t bother my histologist sense at all, but that this show takes this material and it takes Kana Hanazawa screaming like an idiot, which I love, and makes it boring, this offends me to my core.

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    I realized watching this that with the constant narration, this is basically Jojo on a macro scale.

    Also, Red and White should be dead now, right? Like they’ve become part of a scab, that’ll be picked and flicked off in like three days.