Banana Fish #02 — No Child Blood Allowed

July 12th, 2018


But talking about child sodomy is fine.

If you're wondering how Sword Art Anohana handled its second episode, it can basically be summed up by the exchange:
"You're dead."
"LOL no I'm not what a silly joke LOL"
" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ "


Eh, I'm still not buying it, nor on board. And not merely for its ridiculous pole vaulting scene using a bit of rusted pipe that snaps from light tugging, but also bends like a real vaulting pole, impressing Ash with the sheer beauty of Whose-Its's form. It's pretty indicative of the problem with the writing though. That trumped up moment of triumph comes about a third of the way into the episode and is the only thing approaching a climax to what could otherwise be called Ash Exists To Suffer. He spends the whole episode pretty much just sitting there as people beat and berate him. The crowning moment when it's obvious this is all just padded nonsense is when the corrupt cop finally gets around to saying he'll execute him, then, because someone yelled "No!" somewhere in a five block radius, he shoots the kid instead. Apparently, he then just stares at them for a while, his thoughts about killing Ash on hold, before just getting in a car and driving off. It's not clear because it happens offscreen. And speaking of killing the kid, it was sanitized for to a rated G level. No blood whatsoever. Not even any wounds. You're going on about child rape, sodomy, and murder, but you're too scared to show even a puddle of blood? Really? Didn't you just shoot a guy in the head last week?

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