Banana Fish #01 — The Gay Mafia

July 5th, 2018


This would've probably been much improved had it skipped everything having to do with banana fish.


Here we have something that's at least sort of trying, but not all that hard and the writers are still operating in a reality akimbo to ours; close enough so that you think you can make assumptions about things like gangsters and turf wars… and then a teenager throws a tantrum about how the head of the local mafia double for realsies promised to never kill anybody ever. Or a guy is given a drink in a bar and is shocked that it contains alcohol. An entire scene talking about how the dude is a stone cold killer from the mean streets of New York who won't hesitate to shoot anybody, so when thugs rush in to kill him, he leaves the gun holstered and whips out high flying kung fu. Also, apparently he knows kung fu. The moment where everything gets super duper extra real? He finally draws his gun, aims very long and carefully, and takes a single shot, killing a random mook in the passenger seat in the back, making everyone else in the car yell and scream that the devil himself is after them. I'm sorry, what.

Its biggest problem is the same as the others though; it's simply incredibly dull. There's sort of a story, but it's meandering and then it gets completely distracted at the end by the designated twink stumbling in to blush and be in awe of everything. If only it spent a tenth the time making the main character actually be a badass as it does proclaiming his badassness. The kung fu and whole one gunshot doesn't come until the very end and doesn't come even close to making up for the tantrum over a mafia boss attempting… attempting and not succeeding… at killing someone. Most of the rest is characters announcing random traits about each other to deal with the chronic Alzheimers that all Japaense media characters suffer from, or just characters mouthing off like a bunch of preening peacocks. You could probably make a pretty good mixtape just from variations of "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!?" Regardless, while it presents a central something to theoretically drive things, the closing bit is practically from a different show and also the only couple minutes where there's any spark of life in the whole episode.

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