Angolmois #03 — Rousing Speech

July 24th, 2018


Enemy is stunned for five minutes.


I'm feeling pretty finished with this one too. The part that really got me was the big plan of attack here, which was "to attack." And that was it. At best, they did some handwaving over how the enemy was stretched too thin. Then the Mongols said "We'll lure them into a trap," so the 'good guys' went "even if it's a trap, we'll attack anyway," and then they jumped straight to the afterparty. Turns out all they needed was a rousing speech and then all the Mongols helpfully turned into punching bags, or the pointless grunts that populate Dynasty Warriors games, there just to be mown down. We don't even need to bother with the battle after that, which just makes the whole trap talk even more confusing. Were you trying to build up something? If so, why'd we then cut past it?

So instead of focusing on the battle, which you'd think would be the exciting part, we were back in the rear guard with the peanut gallery discussing how dramatic the deaths of Whose It and Whoever were last week. Which I fear is probably meant to be the point. The boring, laborious, humdrum point. Dour dramatic men melodrama-ing it up so that the main cast seems a little less boring. It's not working. Nor is the no doubt fleshwound at the end.


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