Angolmois #02 — Advanced Military Tactics

July 17th, 2018


Japan's military history is fascinating and immensely idiotic.


I mentioned at the season preview that the Mongol Invasion was a pretty hilarious part of war history because Japanese military tactics used to be based entirely around one on one duels. So the best part of this episode was probably Whose-His-Face marveling in awe at ow much more efficient 50 dudes with a little training shooting 50 arrows is than one decrepit dude with some training decades ago shooting one arrow. Now that's historical accuracy! Too bad we won't make it to No wonder that dude in the magic Norse world has it so easy.

The rest of the episode was a split between rote and inexplicable. Didn't we establish the Mongols as a legitimate threat last week? Didn't they introduce a new character as the high Rutabega of Parsnips who says how serious things are? So why are we having a whole episode of the fuddy duddies insisting that they're no threat at all and will readily fold after… (checks the strategy)… one old dude shooting an arrow? To build up the protagonist's street cred while he plays in the sand and gets flustered by teenage girls flirting with him? Truly a man's man.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • lol says:

    “Battle of Tsushima Island – Mongol victory
    On October 5, About 1,000 soldiers of Mongolian Army landed at Komoda Beach.[19] Sō Sukekuni (ja) (宗助国), Shugodai of Tsushima Island was killed in action. The Mongolians slaughtered many dwellers of Tsushima island.”

    even History says so, small army of Sou Sukekuni defeated by mongols.

  • Sol says:

    RE: “Japan’s military history is fascinating and immensely idiotic.”

    So it’s just like the military history of every other nation then.

  • ark noir hates Rutabega chefs says:

    funniest part was when the old man and others when on a rampage and got ambushed with that incendiary item he turned into grandpa Simpson moaning about his ears and then they retreated.