Angels of Death #02 — Gravestone Rock

July 13th, 2018


What even was that scene?

There are seven (and a half if we count that idol thing that I suppose I'll give a brief glance at the second episode) shows to get through today, so there will definitely be some breaks in the action as I wander off to recuperate from the onslaught. Actually, let's just quickly glance at that aaaaand they're taking a giant group bath for friendship. Okay, that's enough of that. Seven it is. Let's get started. Thank god Full Metal Panic's two part probably-a-third-recap-anyway was delayed yet again to next Wednesday. 


Significantly weaker than the first episode, and that one wasn't winning any awards to begin with. Zack went from sort of a corny joke to entirely a corny joke, and the direction simply fell apart in multiple places, chief of which was when he started bashing up the graves. For god only knows what reason, the electro-rock kicked in, the screen got covered in blood splatters, and we all pretended for a moment that something was going on.

Mostly, it felt like everything was out of order. The whole bit about her being dead inside belonged at the start of the episode, not the end. Him destroying her grave could've easily been the climax of the episode instead of some random bit in the middle, but they didn't really build up to that either. The bit they pulled with Rachel finding her and Zack's files (apparently devoid of literally any information despite being many pages long) also served no purpose whatsoever but ate up an appalling amount of screentime. You're not being coy. These characters are not nearly as interesting standing around jawing at each other as you think they are.

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