Angels of Death #01 — Tongue Loll

July 6th, 2018


Truly the horrifyingest of horror things.

If you're wondering about FMP this week, it's off for the third time this season, returning with a double billing next week. Not even sure I'll care.


I was almost sort of getting into this from the first half, but then the Doctor Oculus appeared and was a goddamned tedious bore that simply would not shut up. How many minutes exactly do we need to listen to him ramble about how much he needs her and how delicious her eyes look? The answer is apparently a third of the goddamned episode. Rachel had been doing a passable job of being a slightly broken victim to that point too; bolting when threatened instead of staring in dramatic horror, sewing together mangled birds, and keeping her mouth more or less shut. Mind you, Zack was goofy too, but he didn't chew scenery like a goddamned goat.

Therein lies I think the strength of the first half and where the second half falls apart a bit. As soon as it's clear Zack is dangerous, they get right to the murdering attempt; the running, the hiding, the slashing, etc. It's all things Zack and Rachel are doing, while all of Danny's schtick is preening for the camera as Rachel stands there and stares. That also works well to juxtapose the quieter moments with the chase, rather than just one long drawn out eye monologue building up to a goofy tongue loll. It's probably trying to do both a thriller in one part and horror in the other, but it's far more adept at the former than the latter, especially if the only prop it's going to bring to the table are a few jars of eyes and silly faces.


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  • noname says:

    Game is a drag past first chapter


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