100 Sleeping Princes #01 — World’s Least Imminent Disaster

July 5th, 2018


Oh no. Some mean clouds, I guess?


And here we have essentially the same show, but the girly side. Admittedly, it's far less trashy, but decides to explicitly go over the gacha terms, services, and merchanics regardless. I suppose it's also a little easier to divine what the 'story' is supposed to be. It tells us that there are dream eaters bringing an apocalpyse. You can tell that the world is in imminent danger by the way everyone lives in an idyllic utopia, completely unconcerned with monsters or the loss of the hundred princes that form their mass-monarchy. Even when the monsters do show up, all they do is grumble around and get beat up. Obviously, that doesn't stop everyone from declaring how strong and dangerous the little black clouds are. "What a tough fight!" he says, wiping the sweat from his brow after killing five of them with his opening swing. Perhaps Japan's sarcasm is just on a level too far beyond my ken.

It's mostly just dull though. Any thought of action here is a joke. It spends half its time decrying a crisis that the world is clearly not under. The heroine spends the whole thing sitting on the sidelines, only called out when they need someone to feel really hard to give the princes a power up. Her shining moment of agency was clumsily dropping an axe on a rope. The magic pet exists solely to deliver exposition. The pretty boys come in the two standard flavors of surly and rakish. No doubt they'll be adding brooding, childish, and glasses to the mix soon enough. Way to show some restraint and not blow your whole load all at once?

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  • The Phantom says:

    Oh no a reverse harem iseaki, dear lord, does she has a stupid smartphone to cast spell? Anyway certainly skipping this.


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