Sinners Whatever with Whatever #09 — Rule Clown

June 7th, 2018


I miss the dragon.

As an object lesson of how little attention I've been paying to this, while it was off on the Thursday primary broadcast last week, apparently it wasn't off on the Saturday broadcast. I successfully let it pass by without notice, although in my defense, I've been swamped as hell for the last three weeks. And yet, today, the Thursday broadcast is airing both episode 9 and 10 to catch back up and regain its status as the primary. And yes, discussion of the broadcast schedule has already been more exciting than I expect either of these episodes to be.


And since any wry amusement I might have found from making fun of the elf sex seems totally gone, after a week off, jumping into a double header where the first episode is almost nothing but exposition in something that doesn't make any sense whatsoever, I'm pretty sure that I'm bidding farewell to this at the end of this arc, and it's long overdue. The action is terrible, the story is incomprehensible, and the characters spend most of their time around tables, announcing their cleverness in being able to understand the incomprehensible events. Half the time, it contradicts itself, or makes inane proclamations. Like did you know that the evil murder clown has specific rules that it has to follow? What are they? We'll just make them up on the spot and he'll announce whatever's easiest to animate, which almost always means sitting there, doing jack all.

The first arc at least had the very easy to understand and latch on to "dragon wants revenge" plot to the side of all the abject babbling. This arc has no such thing. Even the most basic of things seem to swerve off into completely inexplicable directions. For example, they start talking about how the monsters match where they appeared, eg a bird at a bird sanctuary, an elephant at a zoo, a human-legion thingy at a human place. Someone goes "Aha! I see the pattern!" I roll my eyes, because yeah, no crap, you nimrods. And then they follow it up with "That's right! It's just like a chessboard!" Excuse me what? Are you high? Is everyone here high? Am I high?


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