Cutie Honey Universe #11 — The Despairing of Despairness

June 17th, 2018


Time to despair of despair due to being told to despair.


What was crab lady doing there? I'm serious. That's really bothering me. They go to the big climactic final fight to have Jill finally reveal herself as Genet, out of nowhere and for no purpose except to cackle about how oblivious the entire cast is, but on the walk up, Panther Crab was just sitting there on the stairway. None of the others. Nobody else. She didn't do anything. She wasn't even the first mini-boss. That was the random girl plucked from the ceiling, although I suppose the crab did do a single followup attack. And then they're teleported outside, she gets wanged in the gun by a single boomerange, and transformed into the third midboss, a chimera with the power of bounciness.

And good god did they try to milk the hell out of the complete nothingburger that is Genet = Jill. I'm talking close to a five minute monologue about how this has pushed Honey to the depths of despair. Why? Hell if I know. It also seems strangely fitting that Jill would keep a portal permanently open to her despair room room in Genet's office. Good thing the cleaning staff never stumbled in. They also tried to explain Dragon's face turn this week, which amounted to "Cause why not?" To be fair, that's in line with the rest of the godforsaken writing in this show.

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