Hinamatsuri #06 — Family Matters

May 11th, 2018


Urkel would've definitely improved this episode.

As if trying to prove me right about how slowly and uneventful it's been, FMP was off this week and a recap aired in its place that was about 10% episode 1, 10% episode 2, 40% episode 3, and 40% episode 4. I haven't decided yet if I'll continue with it when it comes back next week, but it's sure making a hell of an argument against itself right now.


This is a show that could certainly stand to embrace the "no hugging, no learning" Seinfeld policy. I mean, they've certainly got the "no learning" thing down as they rehash Nitta accepting/declaring that Hina's his 'daughter' practically every other episode. This time, instead of with his bar friends as they get drunk, it's with his mother and sister… as they get drunk. He makes up some stupid lie, either he makes a stupid face or they make a stupid face, then someone screams, until finally, it's time for the hugging music to kick in.

And then, for the second half, we again totally abandon all pretense of being a comedy at all so Anzu can drag herself up on the cross and spend a third of the episode wailing about how undeserving she is for being taken in by some randos. Again, this is completely different from the episode where the homeless randos took her in and she spent most of that wailing about the kindness, generosity, and nobility of the human spirit. This is as far as we go. I'm out. We'll see how I feel about FMP next week, but I've already watched this episode repeated at least three times, and I'm not going to subject myself to god only knows how many more times they're going to rehash it.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Tiresias says:

    Wait wait wait

    FMP has a recap episode already? After merely 4 episodes? Wow they’re really pushing it aren’t they…

    Athos says:

    I… actually hadn’t thought of that… that is amazing…