Cutie Honey Universe #07 — A Rose By Any Other Name

May 20th, 2018


Would likely be just as boring.


It's after a 'big' episode, so in the true anime fashion, it's time for an episode of absolutely nothing and characters talking up how dramatic the last episode was while feeling sorry for themselves. How about instead we dive in and do something reckless? Get carried away with a newfound zeal for taking down the people who wronged you and have to be stopped from going too far instead of having to be prodded into getting events back into motion? Also, considering Honey's vast range of emotions and reactions to things, ie complete lack thereof, her getting harassed in the bath and coquettishly shrieking isn't quite selling your supposed grief stricken story.

This is also where the silliness of the rose bombs bites it in the ass as it keeps trying to have Honey/Natsuko go into panic attacks from the mere sight of the roses. No matter how many you splash up on the screen, how much you crank the bass, or the few thorny vines you toss up, it's not the vision of horror you seem to think that it is. And unfortunately, those panic attacks are about the sum total of what 'happens' this week. I guess Natsuko also clues in Honey that Genet is suspicious, but that's literally like a twenty second scene where she goes "Hey, you know Genet? Doesn't she seem suspicious to you?" and then they cut away and it's not brought up again.  

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