The Libra of Nil Admirari #01 — Book Burning

April 8th, 2018


The OP is made of lies.


Can we fire whoever made the rest of the episode and just hand it over to whoever did the OP? Not the ED. God no. Then we'd just have Playgirl. But the OP was upbeat, flirtatious, everyone was smiling, people having fun… everything that the rest of the episode wasn't. Aside from the terrible animation, I mean. And that's before even getting into how the first half of the episode was to get us back to the opening pre-OP hook so it could be followed by an infodump laying out the premise, which would be about as far as the story this week would go. Not exactly covering a lot of ground here, nor setting much of anything up.

I guess it was more based on the story than these boy harems usually go, but the way they usually go is the doe eyed nincompoop haplessly stumbles from one to the next on a whirlwind tour of the local penis carriers, each one more sparkly than the last. Nobody sparkled in magical mystery, so you can certainly say it's so far taking a bit more of a subtle tack. Or maybe just realized that the OP/ED were overkill enough, because those leave absolutely no question whatsoever about the hareming that is to come. 

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  • Sol says:

    I see men that look like women, so I’m guessing this is shoujo?