Sinners Salsa with Serpents #04 — Just Goddamned Stab Him

April 26th, 2018


Why does everything in this show require ten minutes of expositional masturbation?


And I instantly regret saying that it would take a miserable episode from this for it to lose out to Hisone, because Christ, did this make a spirited go at it. The first half is little more than a ten minute author declaration of how smart and cool he is. A ten minute infodump is bad enough. A ten minute bit of arrogant nonsense with every character declaring how smart, selfless, and noble they are is something that causes physical pain. And it just keeps goddamned going and going and going. The weirdest part is the nurse thing, yet another in the shapeshifter shuffle, using a super weird, super convoluted approach to just get them from point A to point B, except with every side getting a chance to declare how smart they are and how they've totally seen through everything, yet stepped into the trap anyway because they're just that awesome.

The best you can probably say for this episode is that it was the most focused one of them all. The entire twenty minutes was square on the stupid plotting (or more like explaining the political ramifications happen far, far, faaaaar offscreen) of the plotting with the far more understandable and relatable dragon vengeance thing nowhere to be found. Of course, it did end by starting a fight, only to ditch things after every participant had rolled for initiative and used their free action to declare what their special power was, so even that would be a pretty dismal high point.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • kenuran says:

    You know, with all this mentioning of loved ones getting killed and people wanting revenge and such, I cant help but assume thats mainly setup for eventually killing off the elf girlfriend of the main character.

    Overall yea, this show goes on an on about conflicts between countries and whatever but it always keeps things on the protagonists side of things without ever showing the what the other peoples side of things are like. This makes all the political stuff they talk about at length just feel like a bunch of fluff thats hard to even care about let alone fully understand in-between its three or four minutes of not very well done action per episode.

    I would ask if you want to do that Nanoha Reflection movie that came out a couple weeks ago but since you haven’t done it yet after two weeks I figure its a no go?

    Aroduc says:

    It came out a week when I was extra busy, and I think my attention span or general willingness to carve out a random couple hours for things has declined with time. It used to just be “do this instead of translating for the day/evening,” but that excuse is gone. I tell myself I’ll get to it eventually, but that never works out.