Sinners Dance With Dragons #02 — Delegation

April 12th, 2018


These two are not smart people.


Pretty much the same as the first episode, except with the scenes in reverse order. Sex with the elf came at the start of the episode, then about sixteen minutes of faffing around and some godawful exposition trying to pose as dialogue, and ending with an underwhelming fight with the same dragon as the start of the first episode. Oh wait, we're not supposed to have put two and two together yet. An underwhelming fight against a mysterious non-human who is angry with them for killing her mate, whoever that could possibly be. Mostly though, it was bumbling around, with the occasional intimation that something was afoot, and plans might be happening any italic. Not in this episode though. And we're still getting to how it involves our hapless moron heroes. But someone they're associated with might be something.

If they focused down on just the damn dragon thing and ran with that, things would be much improved, but even that wouldn't solve the writing problems. I think my favorite moment of truly inspired dialogue went something like: "You are the Grand Poobah who is the leader of the nation of Bedrock and is in charge of the Twelve Lesser Poobahs who are the greatest poobahs in all the realm. There could not ever be any reason at all to work people like us, because we are not any of the greatest poobahs." Yeah, thanks for the apt summary, not to mention a failure of understanding the fundamental concepts of logisitics.

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