Persona 5 #02 — Let’s Play

April 14th, 2018


Thanks for making this easy.


What's even the point of adapting a game about using supernatural powers to fight demons if you don't want to include the supernatural powers, fighting, or demons? Especially if you're going to relegate it to a mere thirty seconds over two episodes, and even then, just kind of toss up some sloppy magic effects that don't exen seem to really inconvenience the monsters but apparently incapacitate them, and then do the game's own cheap shortcut for "animating this is hard, so here's a stylish splash screen instead." The really awful thing is that if they did it for the protagonist here, then you just know that there's going to be at least one more of these kinds of 'fights' for all the other characters and their own splash screens. It's directly taken from the game with no thought or alteration whatsoever, so clap, you harp seals. Clap.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anise_punter says:

    were you a futaba route kind of guy

  • Neclord X says:

    Well, to be completly fair, that’s how I remember the first hours of the game, lots of talking and barely any gameplay. I think it was like 5 or 6 hours before you could finally fully explore the castle (the first three times you visit it you could only go inside a couple of rooms)

  • The Phantom says:

    0 Effort put into the plot, not sure if is because they have no ideas or are not allowed to change the most minimal thing from the original plot.