Magic Girl Site #01 — Straight Razor Wholesale

April 6th, 2018


They must be getting a great price for buying in bulk.

I did glance through Grancrest, and the episode this week was better than anything from the last two months. It felt like it came from the opening weeks of the show, but pushed all the way back here. It was entirely focused on the actual main characters and some random woman of the week under the thumb of some local tyrant. Still, far too little, too late. And still has the problem of the 'action' scenes being the good guys each getting a five second clip to utterly obliterate swathes of the helpless enemy. 


I admit that I don't really get these kinds of overdramatized things. They're too ridiculous. I gather that's supposed to be the appeal somehow. Maybe in a sort of Grand Guignol way? Again, I don't know. There's the protagonist, designated to helplessly suffer, and then literally every single character is a mad, cackling psychopath, chuckling with sadistic glee about killing animals and the torture rape that the entire world has collectively decided to focus on this one person. This one particularly stupid person at that. The cliffhanger is also impressively awful. A character comes in and says "Come with me, and I'll explain the show's title to you." Some of us picked it up from the way it was already explained, and then happened, and then happened again. But yeah, the promise of recap as a cliffhanger, that'll bring me back for next week.

If it didn't take itself so deadly seriously, I could see the argument for a schlocky kind of goofiness to it, ala way too many recent Western horror affairs, but of course we're supposed to empathize with the suffering of the protagonist as she opens her locker to a veritable mountain of razors stuffed into her shoes. You know those things aren't cheap, right? There's literally a hundred dollars worth of arts and craft supplies that these bullies are throwing away for what's apparently a daily prank. I hate to keep coming back to this statement, but it's just so silly. Perhaps it's the kind of thing that needs to be watched socially so you can mock it with a group. Hell, even if the lead wasn't such a hapless, pathetic sack of sadness, there might be something to grasp onto instead of being particularly overwrought suffering porn, of which there's no shortage of in Japanese media.

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  • dpx says:

    “You know those things aren’t cheap, right? There’s literally a hundred dollars worth of arts and craft supplies that these bullies are throwing away for what’s apparently a daily prank.”

    Given how beaten down she is, I expect they make her give them the razors back after each prank. Or make her pay for them.