Hisone & Masotan #02 — Friendship Bullying

April 19th, 2018


Galaxy Angel had a more sensical military than this. The anime version.


Now that the mostly filler introduction crap is out of the way, you'd think that'd mean it's time for the series to reveal what it's actually going to be about. The scary part is that I think that it has, and the answer is "a fat load of nothing." It certainly doesn't help that all the characters are godawful. Hisone continues to be more or less a sack of potatoes, and Nao, who was ostensibly the character that the episode was focused on, is an unrelentingly petty, stupid jackass who would fit right in with Magical Girl Site's ridiculousness if not for the blobby rather than overly melodramatic art style.

Nor does the halfbaked sequence of events trying to be passed off as a plot help either. Nao attempts to torment Hisone for no good reason, but Hisone is oblivious, and then nice to her once, ergo friendship is magical. The end. The rest of the time is spent continuing to exposit with no point or purpose in sight, or simply play dressup with a skeevy character who vanishes from the episode as quickly as he came. Since we're clearly going nowhere with any kind of story, episodically or overarching, I question your strategy with the characters, guys. Two episodes in, and we've still only gotten as far as "Hisone is a goober, and Nao is a horse's ass."

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