Hisone & Masotan #01 — Charlie Foxtrot

April 12th, 2018


Is there really a large enough cross section between vore fans, fighter jet fans, and magical pet fans?


It seems like a weird set of things to base a show around. I would add cute girls doing nothing, but 'cute' is really pushing it with this art style. Blob girls, certainly. I suppose it is somewhat amusing the way she keeps getting violently chomped on, but it's also happening to a playful piano twittering away and the main character spends the entire episode making whimpering noises and looking aghast. I suppose at least it's certainly animated, in that sort of retro half-assing the art way that Bones does sometimes. I'd be more appreciative if the main character wasn't a simpering imbecile, with an entire episode dedicated to her 'growth' intoWait, no. She was literally swallowed and forced into that too. She just had a single moment where she stopped whimpering. That was her growth for the week. Great introduction. Truly a character I can get behind.

You wouldn't have to change the soundtrack or art style all that much to turn this right into an Okada angst special, complete with bullying colleagues and magical thing that metaphorically and/or literally is eating the helpless teenage girl's soul, especially the parts where she's sitting in its cybernetic insides, straddling organs, legs splayed, and whimpering. Sure, the description sounds dirty, but you're not hearing the triumphant music playing. That's actually the moment where she comes into her own right before accidentally transforming it from a dragon into a jet and learning the grace and joy of flying. Which leaves us with no real indication of what the story is even supposed to be or where it's intended to go. I imagine it styles itself as character driven, and boy, isn't that putting your eggs in the wrong basket?

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Neclord X says:

    “Is there really a large enough cross section between vore fans, fighter jet fans, and magical pet fans?”

    Well, if there is a niche for isekai horse girls that race and are also idols that go to school, I don’t why shouldn’t be a niche for this XD

  • Sol says:

    “but ‘cute’ is really pushing it with this art style”

    I dunno. I genuinely find this cuter than any of that pedo-pandering moeblob crap from Kyoani.

  • dpx says:

    I thought this was pretty good. Art was expressive, story flowed well. Reminded me of a sort of ALIEN 9 meets MACROSS thing.

    Good character development – she does whimper a bit after passing through a dragon’s digestive system a couple of times, but there’s a decent amount of characterization built up through it, some good jokes. Looks like she’s mostly gotten over her justified angst by the end of episode 1, which is a damn sight faster than many anime lead characters manage.

    As for a niche… well, Reddit is sure giving it rave it reviews… Quality stuff. I suspect this will do very well.