Hinamatsuri #02 — …And Here’s The Rest of the Cast

April 13th, 2018


This sure was… another character introduction episode.


The first half had the second of many super powered girls yet to come show up, squabble briefly, and then they were friends. The end. The main 'gag' was the thing shown over and over again in the promos, so any hope of that carrying the segment was DOA. I'm not even sure thinking back now what they filled the rest of the time with. A fair guess is jack squat and faffing around.

The second half is full of ideas, but none of them end up reallly followed through on. Nitta's grumpy because having a not-daughter is cramping his style. Hina drags her friend into a bar, abandons her, and she ends up taking over. Then they wander off to drink somewhere else. You certainly could've made a couple mini character arcs out of those, or focused on them and escalated to more humorous levels, but it was content to say that was about enough and drop them. I don't get it. It seems happy enough to overexaggerate the psychic stuff, not to mention occasionally overreact with a screaming close up, but doesn't want to commit enough to a thread to actually develop it to even a sitcom level of ephemeral growth or humor.

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