Hinamatsuri #01 — Mass Defenestration

April 6th, 2018


I'd rather watch that pink thing beat up Chinese dudes.


That intro bit with actually choreographed and animated fighting against (I assume intentionally) badly dubbed Chinese mooks wrote quite a few checks that the rest of the episode didn't come anywhere even close to cashing. This would be the age old debate of whether it's better to be boring or to be aggressively obnoxious. Don't misunderstand though, there's still plenty of yelling-as-punchline, just restrained to every other minute rather than every twenty seconds. Occasionally, like the opening bit, things do click into place. The situation is dryly subverted, comedy is attained without someone screaming "EEEEH!?" Mostly though, it's just white noise. It probably also doesn't help that due to the low concentration of jokes, almost all of the ones this episode were already shown in the promos.

So it doesn't grate on me nearly as painfully as many other 'comedies' do, but then what does it fill its time with instead? The characters? Drama? Story? Random absurdism? And therein lies the rub, because hell if I have the answer to that. The school segment in particular stands out like a sore thumb for having no purpose whatsoever while also having only one or two particularly half-assed dry jokes. I guess we're supposed to buy into the father-daughter relationship between the two of them, but neither are particularly amusing characters on their own, and only have marginal chemistry at best. The episode could've been spent developing some kind of bond between them, but instead went all in on that a couple little bits tucked away at the very end, so half the thing comes off as just filler… which is probably accurate anyway.

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