DarFran #13 — Competing Angsty Flashbacks

April 7th, 2018


I say competing, but it was about 90% Hiro.


You know, I laughed at the ending. The sad music is playing, both of them are sobbing, we've only just in the closing seconds returned to the present, and the big epiphany? My crippling amnesia is gone! We are childhood friends after all! Praise the cliche! Twenty goddamned two minutes of flashback and for all intents and purposes retconning in group amnesia just for that. I don't even know what you can say this flashback added. We've already known since before the show even began that the kids and monster kids were being used and exploited, so a little torture porn isn't taking things anywhere. The storybook as a thematic thing for the ED, I guess? Yeah, got that from the title of the episode, guys. They could've done at least something that would give a little more weight to the pair bonding; some kind of freaky mating ceremony or something. Maybe that's what the blood licking bit was supposed to be. But nah. Hiro is the god prince of yore. 02 is the helpless manic pixie monster girl. And they were forever meant to be.


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  • Something says:

    The amount of cliche in this show is reaching self parody levels.